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Mark Coker of SmashwordsQ&A With Mark Coker
Smashwords Founder and Former CEO
Draft2Digital CSO

(Updated March 2023)

What is Smashwords?
Smashwords is an ebook retailer serving readers around the globe.

What's the story behind Smashwords?
I launched Smashwords back in 2008.  Originally, Smashwords was an ebook publishing platform and store.  We made it possible for writers around the world to self-publish ebooks and sell those ebooks in the Smashwords Store.

In 2009. in addition to operating our store and ebook publishing platform, Smashwords began distributing our books to major retailers.  In 2009, Smashwords became the first distributor to open up Barnes & Noble to self-published ebooks.  In the years that followed, Smashwords built a global distribution network, opening up several major retailers and library platforms to self-published ebooks. 

We've always been about breaking down the barriers that stand between authors and their readers.

By the end of 2022, Smashwords was helping over 160,000 authors and small press publishers around the world to publish and distribute nearly 600,000 ebooks.  Also by the end of 2022, the Smashwords Store clocked its sixth straight consecutive year of sales growth, another record.  Thank you Smashwords readers and authors!

In March 2022, Smashwords was acquired by our former competitor, Draft2Digital, in an all-stock deal.  As part of the combination, I joined Draft2Digital as Chief Strategy Officer and board member.  In addition to helping to guide Draft2Digital's long term business planning, I also act as the manager of the Smashwords Store though that's not my title.  Where's my cat?

In 2023, per the plan we laid out at the acquisition in 2022, Draft2Digital began migrating the book publishing and distribution options of Smashwords over Draft2Digitial.  The plan is to transition Smashwords to become a store only.  Yay!

This transformation is well underway. 

In March, 2023, Smashwords began instructing new authors and publishers to work directly with Draft2Digital to publish ebooks and have those books distributed to the Smashwords Store.  By the end of 2023, it's expected all authors and publishers that currently manage their books at Smashwords will have their publishing interface moved over to Draft2Digital as well.


What are your goals with the Smashwords Store?

The Smashwords Store has always had a reputation for being one of the most reader-friendly and author-friendly online bookstores anywhere.  Now that we can focus Smashwords on serving as a retailer only, look for us to improve the shopping experience even more.  With the publishing tools removed, the book discovery interface is simplified and more intuitive.

We've grown our book selection dramatically now that we can carry Draft2Digital ebooks, and in the years ahead we look forward carrying the books of more authors, publishers, and distributors.


What's the story behind the Smart Author podcast?
Over the last 15 years I've presented hundreds of workshops and keynotes at writers conferences around the world.  Yet I always found it frustrating that most writers couldn't afford to attend these important conferences.  And as much as I enjoyed attending these conferences, I'd never reach them all.  So I decided to share my knowledge with everyone at no cost.  I launched Smart Author in October, 2017 and by 2019 it was pretty much complete as a master class in ebook publishing.  I'm temped to add new episodes, so I'm not ready to say it's over!. The Smart Author podcast guides you step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics.  If you're curious to learn about ebook self-publishing, click below to listen to the four-minute series introduction now, or visit the Smart Author podcast home page to listen to all the episodes.  And then when you're done listening, please do publish and distribute your books at Draft2Digital!


What is Smashwords’ position on digital rights management (DRM), and do you support it?
DRM stands for "digital rights management." DRM is a form of copy protection intended to prevent ebook piracy.  However, its effectiveness at preventing piracy is dubious.

I believe most readers are honest, ethical, and well-intentioned.  Readers want authors and publishers to be paid for their books.

At Smashwords, we believe most piracy is accidental.  This is why we remind our customers that the books they purchase are licensed for their personal personal enjoyment only, and may not be copied, shared, or resold.  I think our customers already appreciate that we and authors authors (who price their own books) have always worked so hard to keep our books affordably priced.

Smashwords has historically opposed DRM because it's harmful to readers and authors alike.  We believe DRM makes it difficult for law-abiding customers to enjoy their purchased books on the different devices they own, now and in the future.  We believe when given the choice between DRM-free books and DRM-infected books, informed readers will choose DRM-free.

Will Smashwords ever allow DRM'd books to be sold in the Smashwords Store?
We have no plans for 2023 or 2024, so it's about the last thing on our radar right now.  If there was huge demand, either from authors or publishers, maybe we'd do it, or do it earlier.  At the end of the day, we believe the decision to DRM a book or not should be the author or publisher's declsion to make, not ours.  We believe DRM'd books should be clearly labeled so a customer's purchase decision can be fully informed.

What is Smashwords’ privacy policy?
Privacy is incredibly important to of us at Smashwords.  Whether you're a reader or an author, we have you covered.  We will never sell, rent or share our members’ contact information with any third party. We respect the privacy of authors who choose to publish under pen names. We respect your inbox.  We also protect the privacy of book buyers by not revealing their purchases or identity to anyone. Read our complete privacy statement here.

I'm organizing a writer's conference. Can Smashwords supply a speaker?
Please contact Jim Azevedo, corporate communications manager at Draft2Digital, to arrange for either virtual or personal appearances.  Click the "support" link below and ask to be forwarded to Jim.  We are honored by your invitation.

I'm an author or publisher.  How do I sell my books at the Smashwords Store?
Please sign up for a free account at Draft2Digital, our parent.  Draft2Digital is the world's leading distributor for self-published authors and small independent presses!

I'm a book distributor or large ONIX-capable publisher.  How do I add Smashwords to my distribution network?
Although the Smashwords Store is currently only able to receive ebooks from distributor Draft2Digital, support for additional top distributors is planned.  Interested distributors or large ONIX-capable publishers can contact the "support" link below and ask to be forwarded to Draft2Digital's business development team and myself for more information or scheduling.

What’s next for Smashwords?
We are bursting with ideas for how we will make the Smashwords Store the best ebook store in the universe for readers and authors. 

In 2023, the year we finalize much of the techical integration work remaining after our acquisition by Draft2Digital in 2022, it'll be a quiet year.  Expect to see the store offer a greater selection (DONE! - welcome Draft2Digital authors and publishers!) and a more streamlined bookstore experience (in process!).  In 2024, once the merge work is over, look for some exciting surprises as the Smashwords team gets back to the business of store-building!  If you have specific ideas for how we can make the Smashwords Store your favorite store in the universe, won't you please take a moment to write me?  How can we do better?  My personal email is first initial second initial at smashwords dot com.